In order to help in the use of this version of Coastal Modeling System (SMC 2.5), IHCantabria offers an e-learning course (IN SPANISH), where the user will be able to learn how to apply all the methodologies integrated to deal with coastal issues.

SMC requires to have the software Surfer 8 (Golden Software) previously installed, which will NO be provided by IHCantabria.

The e-learning course is always available (the whole year) and it lasts two months approximately. During those two months, users may access to the course whenever they want to and during the time period they need.

  • Program and contents of this course are similar to those considered in a face-to-face course, which is focus on showing the habilities of SMC to deal with coastal issues using  some examples and video-tutorials.
  • It can be carried out in 5 weeks with an average intensity of 10-12 hours per week.
  • During the course, the user will be supported by a tutor via e-mail and the internal forum of the course. This tutorial will not be available in August or during period December 15th to January 15th.
  • Users will be able to access to the e-learning course during two months since they start it.

Further information: Structure and schedule of the course (in Spanish)

Enrollment fee: 500 €.

Payment method: bank transfer (See Enrollment form, In Spanish)

Enrollment: Course enrollment requires to be registered as a user of SMC 2.5, fill out the Enrollment form (In Spanish) and pay the enrollment fee.

Access to the course (it requires to be previously registered as a user and the payment of the enrollment fee)