Coastal Modeling System (SMC) is a user-friendly system, including databases (waves, sea level and bathymetries), methodologies and numeric models, which permits to study littoral processes at different temporal and spatial scales, their effects on the coast (erosion, inundation,…) due to natural events (storms, Climate Change) or human interventions (breakwaters, dredgings,…) and design coastal works or mitigation measures.

This system was initially designed for the Spanish Environmental Agency within the R+D+I project ‘Spanish Beach Nourishment and Protection Manual’ by Environmental Hydraulics Institute from the University of Cantabria (IHCantabria), and is now used by most coastal planners, consultants and government agencies in Spain to model coastal dynamics. In addition, it was later adapted to Colombian, Tunisian, Taiwanese and Brazilian coasts.

Nowadays, this system has been exported to more than 60 countries, where it is applied to deal with coastal issues and design coastal works and management plans.